“Our newsletter is the glue that binds our club together”

The PSGRS newsletter is a periodical that reports on what has happened and will happen in the club, informs members on club matters, and provides information related to Garden Railroading. 

The newsletter is not a paid subscription; rather, it is distributed to club members as part of their membership entitlements. However, some copies are sent to candidate members as an enticement to become members, some copies are sent to other Garden Railroad Society clubs with whom we exchange newsletters to share information, and some are provided as courtesy (schmoozing) copies to commercial entities related to Garden Railroading. 

It is published using volunteer work (not paid) and distributed primarily by email.  Printed copies are sent only to club members who do not have email.  The small cost to produce and distribute the few printed copies is paid from only membership dues and revenue earned by the club. The newsletter does not include paid commercial advertising.

The newsletter is published twelve months of the year and is sent to members as a PDF file attached to an email. In addition to the newsletter, staff maintains a PSGRS email mailing list for shotgun communications to members who provide e-mail addresses as part of their membership data. The email members receive and, as applicable, respond to club correspondence that is time sensitive. Thus, as an extension of the newsletter, email also helps "bind the club together."

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